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silent consonants unite

In January 2011- after three rehearsals, the Silent Ks stepped onto the stage at the Chop Suey in Seattle. Their unique blend of garage, alt-country, and punk is performed with vigor and grit.

Knathan Ryan & The Silent K’s are a mix of garage rock, surf rock and alt-country. Leader singer Knathan (with a silent K) has raw and gritty vocals paired up with some electric guitar riffs and drumbeats that make you pay attention. -Lindsay Scully, SSG Music

The Bruised Hearts Revue

Friends, it's the last day of our fundraiser drive for our album release! 11:59pm tonight it's over! We still have a little ways to go, but every bit helps! We have a new tee shirt design and thank you gifts! Thanks to ALL who have donated already! XOXOXO TBHR
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The Bruised Hearts Revue is a band I'm proud to be in- we dance the lines between alt-country, folk, gospel and rock. We are releasing a new album this year and are raising funds to assist that process. We have some great "thank you" gifts for donating, including this pretty rad tee shirt designed by our friend Hannah Sillars. If you'd like to donate to help us finish our recording please go to

So enjoying Lisa Hannigan's At Swim- a haunting and beautiful collection of songs led by Lisa's gorgeous vocals and wonderful production. Perfect match for the weather in Seattle...

Click here to support Anne + Jeff's Medical Fund by Tara Owens

So great to see love and support for my friends Jeff and Anne. Please check out their story and consider giving financially if you are able. Much love to Jeffrey Overstreet and Anne- you guys hang in there! Surrounding Jeff + Anne Early in the morning of November 1, Anne had an unexpected seizure and was rushed to the ER. Jeff did an amazing job of getting her the help she needed, and being with the woman he loves through a truly difficult set of circumstances. In the next few days, Anne is going...

Ampeg GV-22 on Reverb

During the Silent Ks- this was my main amp. Killer tones and pretty rare to find them so clean. I'm selling it to help fund my next recording project- Let me know if you're interested by PM'ing me. This amp is basically the equivalent of a Fender Pro Reverb. It is a 40 watt 2x12 (with original, perfect shape and sweet sounding Jensens); has reverb and tremolo AND true pitch-shift vibrato as well. Tonez for daze. The reverb is less splashy than a Fender reverb- has it's own unique tone, one...

17 years ago today this lovely human said, "I do", and it seems, in many ways, life began. Thanks Jessie for being a best friend through it all...isn't it a wonder?! #theballadofknathanandjessie #anniversary #kids

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