Urban Achievers

Seattle Led Zeppelin cover band. Achievers are: Igor Abuladze (lead guitar), Ryan Burns (bass, mandolin) and Drew Locke (drums). www.urbanachieversmusic.com

Igor, Ryan and Drew met in 2006 and quickly began to forge a unique friendship based on their shared obsession with the Coen Brothers' movie "The Big Lebowski." One day, while rippin' Lebowski quotes and listening to music, they hit upon a fantastic idea; combine their two favorite things, The Big Lebowski and Led Zeppelin. They call themselves "Urban Achievers".

All three teach at the Seattle Drum School, a vocational school for instrumental music, percussion and voice.

Urban Achievers public debut was on May 2nd 2009. Since, they have been performing all around the greater Seattle area, and currently hold a steady gig at A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub in Renton every First Thursday of the Month.

Ryan Burns plays bass guitar for Urban Achievers. Early exposure to Led Zeppelin for Burns (39) came via an older step-brother, along with his best friend's big brother in the early 1980's. Burns started taking guitar lessons in the 7th grade, and spent most of his free time listening to Blues records. Burns first saw Big Lebowski in a small movie theater in Reno, Nevada in 1998. Quality music and first-rate comedy has driven Burns to achieve most of his life. In addition to playing rock bass, Burns doubles on guitar and keyboards in the classic rock cover-group Black Vinyl-All Stars (also featuring Igor Abuladze) and leads his own jazz trio playing piano and keyboards.


Drew Locke is the youngest of the Achievers, and is also a composer. He's working on his solo album, and is interested in recording, mixing, and mastering. He, actually mastered one of Ryan's latest albums, "Birds". Drew has been playing drums since he was about 10 years old, at which time Led Zeppelin scared him. 16 years later, Drew loves Lebowski and Led like a fat kid loves cake!

Igor Abuladze plays guitar and sings in this band. Just like Ryan and Drew, he enjoys composing music, especially the collaborating efforts. He moved to Seattle in 2006 to join "Tuning The Air" guitar ensemble and played with them for over three years. Drew and Igor play together with two of TTA members, Bob Williams and Travis Metcalf, in original band called "The Third Law". Igor also plays bass in a blues exploration project with Curt Golden, also a TTA member. Among few other projects Igor plays in trio "Nosretep" with drummer Mike Peterson and bassist Andy Sells.

Led Zeppelin tribute band, obsessed with the movie The Big Lebowski.

We'll be at the Alki location of West Seattle Brewery today at 3 PM!

It's all ages so bring your kids and enjoy the sunshine and Zeppelin with us!

This is the only photo we got so far from Achievers' gig at the Forest Ledge on February 25th, 2017. Thanks to Pete Draughon for taking a picture and sharing it with us!

WS Brewery (Fauntleroy) TONIGHT 8pm

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Igor Abuladze, Drew Locke, and Ryan Burns


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