Penelope Donado

Work as a spanish interpreter in a busy community medical clinic, but also sing jazz and do visual art.

When I have a moment these days, try to squeeze in time drawing this old and wonderful tree friend I've made in our garden in Rainier Valley. So glad to be doing this again. Decided to "warm up" after a long spell of no drawing by doing 50 studies of this tree from different angles. Easier to accomplish when light lasted longer, but favorite thing to be doing now on weekends, yes, even in the rain. Will post more anon. Am probably up to about 23 or 24 methinks..

Hmmm---I do not spend time on FB, and so feel a bit lost in alien territory every time I get over here onto it! Nevertheless I realize its importance in helping us get the word out and share common wisdom, extraordinary findings, fun and beautiful details of our separate but shared existences, etc., etc...
Saturday I'll be doing my monthly performance at Cafe Paloma in Pioneer Square as per usual (well not quite per usual as generally falls on the last Friday of each month but this month we were asked to kindly do Saturday instead to accommodate another event at the Paloma). John Hansen will be accompanying, lucky us, and there could be a song or two from the spring repertoire in spite of its still being February----there has been birdsong and there are unquestionably many flowers a-blooming, extremely distracting as pedal to work in the morning on my brand new shorter commute, with incredible vistas of both the Olympics and the Cascades. All I can do to stay on task, very important while bicycling!!! Happy Spring to you! Come on down to the Paloma! Great Middle-Eastern fare, all you could desire, and us! 7-9:30 ish. Reservations a good idea as the Paloma is decidedly not large! or 206-405-1920.



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