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Alone In The Morgue is a death metal act formed originally in the summer of 2009. We have under gone alot of members changes and personally changes which reflect in our new music. Now based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana we have regrouped and refocused more than ever. New full length out in the summer of 2012. Get ready to spread the hatred.

There may be a comeback in the works. Stay tuned.....

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Its ts been a very long time guys. We are reducing the prices on our CDs and tees. Trying to get rid of what we got left

It's been awhile since we've posted on here and we apologize for the disconnect. The truth is, we're working on getting money to set up for a future tour. So, where should we set up this slaying? What cities should we tour?

So whats everyone up to one this hump day? What are u jamming? What bands can you just not get enough of at the moment?

Everyone please help us out by checking out our merch store or band camp and purchasing the new album we worked so hard on.

What's up everyone? May we ask what's your favorite song off the album to those who have heard it already

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Drums:Bryant Prejean

Guitar:Brandon Negrete

Guitar: Kyle Whitstine

Bass: TBA



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