Nathan Phillips

LA based House Music DJ // Est. Since 1996

Over a decade in the making becoming one of the enduring local djs in Los Angeles, Nathan Phillips AKA DJ N8 is undoubtedly a musical poet when he's gracing the decks, filling the dance floors from massives to clubs all over Southern California and across the nation.

Influenced at a young age, Nathan Phillips was drawn to the L.A. electronic scene by fellow affiliates and long time friends. After hearing electronic music, it opened a new mind set for Nathan; from this moment on he expanded his creativity and passion through the music.

Now, as his career is evolving; he is working hard in the studio and has been releasing different genres of original work and remixing for major producers on a variety of labels. Nathan is responsible for forming collaborations and crews, such as the infamous Da Elephunks, Showdown and Funk Potion Ent.

With hundreds of bookings throughout the years; he still rocks the crowds, young and old, from generation to generation, and from small events to massive festivals bringing you all the funk to make you break and shake all night long. The sets have more intensity and more diversity pleasing every open ear on the dance floor in our beloved electronic music scene.

Looks like I forgot to post this... see you soon Los Angeles 👊🏼#oldskool #systemsinsane

Nathan Phillips & Kara live @ Merry Xmas 08

By Nathan Phillips

Nathan Phillips uploaded "Nathan Phillips & Kara live @ Merry Xmas 08"

By Nathan Phillips Back in 2008 when my wife and I used to play electro & fidget B2B at events, later on we ...

So, I happened to check my Beatport page and noticed a EP that I never released or ever produced.... found out there's another "Nathan Phillips" out there producing under my alias. Here's where it really ticks me off... the label and the artist failed to look into producing under that name with their distributor before they decided to release his music and that they could have changed his alias or at least put the location after their production name, such as: Nathan Phillips (UK) or where ever the hell he's from like many others do. Do your f'n homework people. Since I dropped out of DJing, it never meant I would ever quit heart is still with the music and I will be back to continue to release my music in the near can count on that.

Nathan Phillips - Final Impact ( FREE DOWNLOAD )

Here it is... the final set, the final impact. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed playing these tunes for my last DJ performance. Thank you all whom attended and danced the night away with me. I'll never forget all who have ventured with me for the past 20yrs, its been a trip and a memorable one at that. Love you all!
Nathan Phillips aka DJ N8
( Systems Insane/Funk Potion Ent./Addicted Events/Digital Rhythm Music )
Los Angeles, CA
1996-2016 This set was played at my final DJ performance at ARIZR monthly, hosted by an old friend from my first DJ crew; LOSTBOY from Systems Insane on 2/5/2016, honoring the music that drew me into the LA und

After almost 20yrs of DJing, 5yrs of producing and 2yrs of running my own label. I've finally reached the point of throwing in the towel. They say you have learn to make sacrifices in life to move forward, and I believe this to be as true as it gets. I have a newborn on the way and my new focus will be with my family. I might make new mixes from time to time just for my own personal enjoyment and maybe make a track or two to release for free because of my love for the music but I will not be taking any gigs any longer. In Feb. 2016 there will be one last gig I'll be playing for the first DJ crew I joined back in the 90's, Systems Insane...playing an old skool techno set. I hope to see many of you there for one last show. :)

I will never forget the experiences, opportunities, travels, friends that I gained from it all. They will never be forgotten. I thank everyone, fellow DJ's, promoters and fans for giving me the opportunity to express myself through music and to share it all with you for so many years. You will all be a second family to me and are welcome to keep enjoying life with me outside of the LA underground. There's too many to tag, but if you met me through the scene, you are obviously included towards this message. Again, thank you all for everything. :)

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