Raven is harsh noise act from Čačak, Serbia, mostly recognizable by anarchist, vegan and anti-war propaganda.

Raven is harsh noise project from Čačak, Serbia.
The history of the project is yet to be written.

Raven supports: Anarchism, Animal Liberation, Antifascism, Veganism, DIY Ethics & Culture, Squatting, Environmentalism, Pacifism & Antiauthoritarianism.

For full discography check out http://www.ravennoise.co.nr

Raven - Shifting Poles


New track! Labels get in touch.

soundcloud.com New track!

Raven - Violence Begins With a Fork (Craneal Fracture Records,2016)


New review of ''Violence Begins With A Fork'' by Everlasting Nausea blog.

''Raven is 99% of time loudest project out there (probably many will have different opinions, but i am not joking here guys, just take any project you think its loud and put it side by side with any Raven album and you will see what i am talking about...), and like always he stays firm in his loud aggressive position but with a twist. This album is loud and aggressive but also depressive as hell.''

everlastingnausea.blogspot.com Here is our old friend Djordje with another brutal sound massacre. Like we are already used to, albums from this anarcho vegan harsh noise ...

33 - Troubled Sleep /// XRAY.fm


I had a chance to appear on X Ray FM, the Portland, Oregon based radio station. They're a hosting a cool radio show every friday called ''Troubled Sleep'' and my track was aired in Episode 33 beside some cool stuff by Full Of Hell, Mouthgate, Cilantro, Ragk, Broadcast Channel, Aron Dilloway...among the others.

xray.fm A fever dream of harsh noise, dark ambient, industrial, power electronics, musique concrete, electroacoustic improvisation, and experimental sound

Split release with Crank Sturgeon. Published by Human Cross Records.

Brand new album called ''Freedom Has A Price''. Published by Human Cross Records.

Cassette Review: Raven "Inhuman Conditions" (Diazepam)


Review of ''Inhuman Coditions'' by Raised By Gypsies blog.

raisedbygypsies.blogspot.com [€4 // https://diazepamnoise.bandcamp.com/album/raven-inhuman-conditions] One day, I'm going to sit down with Discogs and figure out j...

Cassette Review: Raven "Give Blood for Oil" (Centipede Farm)


Review of ''Give Blood For Oil'' cassette by Raised By Gypsies.

raisedbygypsies.blogspot.com http://centipedefarm.bandcamp.com/album/give-blood-for-oil Throughout my time spent listening to Raven I always knew that the music wa...

Band Interests

Anarchism, Animal Liberation, Vegetarianism, Anti-Fascism, DIY, Books, Zines, Beer...



Band Members

Djordje Miladinović


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