Born small and bearded on the planet Earth

Araless interweaves sociopolitical, counter-cultural commentary with grimy boom bap production - his execution is like no other. You can feel his sense of urgency, prompting the audience to deconstruct their social conditioning - the underlying tone implying the necessity for revolutionary action in a society built on domination, division, and predatory practices. In result, his word emerges as a vital call to action.

Small, bearded, and loud.

Araless - Proletariat Rock Chances are that if you don’t live near the Seattle area, you haven’t yet heard of the emcee/producer known as Araless. Never fret, though, because he’s just delivered an EP by the name of

Feb 15 - Afu Ra @ Central Saloon
Feb 24 - Singing some original songs @ Stoneway Cafe
March 10 - Rappin @ Le Voyeur in Olympia
April 21 - Singing with a band @ The Anchor in Everett

Feb 2 - Black Magic Noize @ Tony V's in Everett

Feb 5 - Josh Bowl @ Mt Baker Art Lofts starting at noon

Feb 15 - managing the Afu-Ra show @ Central Saloon in Pioneer Square 8pm

Feb 24 - acoustic gig @ Stone Way Cafe in Fremont w/ Peter Feliciano and more 7pm-9pm

March 10 - LOEE showcase @ Le Voyeur in Olympia

April 21 - Some originals/covers @ The Anchor Pub in Everett

Join us!!!

Feb 15:
w/ MC Lyfe, Watzreal, Yong Notiz, and DJ Eyeball,
and featuring
Silas Blak, Rainwater Conglomerate and Wizdumb

Hosted by Dex Amora
DJ Seabefore on tables

The Central Saloon

In 24 hours we'll meet at Vermillion k?

Araless - Proletariat Rock [EP]

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Landon Wordswell - Mostafa - Araless
New shit I'm workin on "Prove Me Wrong"

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Science, Philosophy, Politics, Music


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Black Magic Noize

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