Whiskey Bards

We are Modern day Bards with Renaissance, Pirate, Medieval, and Comedy flavours.

The Whiskey Bards are a group of four friends who have joined together to pursue the bardic arts of times past. Their performances include their own arrangements of traditional folk songs, sea shanties, and ballads as well as their own compositions in the bardic idiom. Yes - we used idiom in a sentence!

Over the years, we have had to move far and wide, but the lure of the music and our fans keeps bringing us back for more!

Renaissance Balladiers and Entertainers, designed to make the most of their voices with Medieval flair!

So we are curious. When you need to get your blood pumping, which songs do you listen to? And no we aren't looking for a "Whiskey Bard" plug. There are many music Genre's out there... just wondering what gets the fire stirred in your hearts.

As you do your preparations for March Madness, and St. Patricks Day, we Whiskey Bards would like to remind you all that we personally sponsor Tullamore Dew, or our sweet Tully Dew, as well as all the drinks in our drinking mans diet plan. Have fun, be safe, and lift a glass to us, as we will do the same for you!

This week, 3 of 4 Whiskey Bards will be singing under the stars of Estrella at some point or another. We are not there in official force, but we will from time to time get together to tune up and practice. We are bards. It's what we do. Hope to see some of you there!

On this day of love, flowers, chocolates, and other behaviors designed to make someone close to you look the other way on a bad behavior.... be sure to provide the gift of Whiskey Bards! Make this Valentines day memorable with music! And to you - our fans- we love you! Happy Valentines day!

It is official! The Whiskey Bards on on Spotify (which we knew) but it looks like that after many years of applying and not being accepted, the Whiskey Bards are now on PANDORA!!!! Currently only our Bottum's Up Album, but it's a start. And, you know... Pandora! Please make sure to add us to your channel or favorite lineup!

We are home safe and sound. Yuma, we were in you, but now must go our merry way. Do not cry, for we will be back again! Jim and Desi, as always, what a fantastic show you put on. Two Rivers Renaissance Faire has fun for all and you proved it again and again. Thank you!

Two Rivers Renaissance Faire - Yuma, Arizona


Yuma is lovely this time of year! GREAT weather. Trees. Fun. Hellooooo Two Rivers Renaissance Faire!!! We can't wait to see you all tomorrow and look forward to sharing some stories and song with everyone who can go! Come see us around and at the Banat Tabla stage!



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Band Interests

Singing, Cribbage, general flirtations, and making people laugh and cry (for the right reasons of course)

Band Members

Yonaton von Schwartzflek (AKA Jonathan Hopf), Tonis van Driele (AKA Stephen Hoogerwerf), Sim MacFearchair (AKA Christopher Lyon), Cosimo Orsini (AKA Nevin Phull)


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Motley Music

General Manager

Typically, whomever is in the bathroom while the other 3 vote.

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