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My Next Chapter – Tired of Mondays

My girl is my everything and on December 30, 2016 she said yes to marrying me. Check out her blog and continue to follow it for awesome heart felt messages and tips for living the good life. I think you'll really enjoy it.

Sick with a fever but I still hit the mountain today and stoked to have had time to shred some powder this year. #mtbachelor #stoked #winter #snowboard

Last year @amandaraemcmullen and I dressed up in our Sunday's best to enjoy xmas day with my family. This year we are chilling in pajamas and stuffing our faces with hers. #christmas #tipsyelves #winter

Enjoying sweater weather and holiday shenanigans with this one and our friends. #winter #xmas #sweaterweather #love

Working on some magic and day dreaming about the holidays. #piano #music #holidays

I don't like to hustle through a song unless it comes natural. There is beauty in taking your time and developing an idea until it blooms and writes itself on paper. I record all of my ideas as a voice memo. I usually don't even name them because I like to go back and listen and discover them as new ideas. Then the idea is put into motion when I write it down. #r2w #readytowin #ready #music

Recording process is simple...Producer creates beat and I take selfies. Except there's more to it. I enjoy being involved in every facet of creating my records. I always start with fresh inspiration and surround myself with collaborators who help carry my vision forward and contribute in their own special way. I especially enjoy writing my own music. #r2w #readytowin #bts

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