Hostile Makeover USA

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. - Oscar Wilde By force! - Hostile MakeOver

Sabina and Kate were a perfect rhythm section looking for a tribe of trebly girls who looked as good as we did, and played even harder. So we found Krystin shredding solos like nobody's business, and Marcy who sings, shreds and kills the drums.

4 chicks who play punk.

All Hostile Makeover logos are created by Kate Lint.

Slightly revised this poster. Come and fun.

hApPY BIrtHDaY to HM's swiss-army knife and all around bad ass, Marcy!!! We love you, you nut!!

Here are a few pics last night from our Dr. Martens in-store gig! We had a blast playing, shopping, and the people at Doc Martens are wonderful - go to their Seattle store!!

Free! Free! Free!
Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!
Please, do come. There could be a beer in it for you.

Marcy's words to Sabina last night during rehearsal: "You play really well when you're angry." True story.

Happy Irish drinking day lovers!!

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Auf Wiedersehen


Band Interests

Giving songs a Hostile Makeover!

Band Members

Marcy Mabry Rugland - Lead vocals/drums/rhythm guitar

Krystin Dee - lead/rhythm guitar

Kate Lint - Bass

Sabina Honig - Drums/vocals


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