Doxa Theo

Doxa Theo is a liturgical based band made up of creatives spread around the country who write songs & cultivate community within the art of worship.

Doxa Theo is a friendship. It is a friendship amongst ourselves & a friendship with Jesus. Doxa Theo is a Greek translation for "Glory to God". Worship is an interesting thing that we do on a regular basis, but can still feel foreign to us at times. We have been experiencing worship through creativity in songwriting. Our connection and draw to music with each other has been birthed by common musical interests, and the ability to be a part of each other's respective church community on a consistent basis.
Each of us have poured our hearts, our time, and our creativity into the idea that we are giving glory to God through, not only our music, but our desire to seek His presence in pursuit of our identity as creatives. This is a collection of friends that have formed over many years.
Our goal as Doxa Theo continues to draw from Abba and His heartbeat for his sons and daughters. We believe his breath can be felt in His promises through the teachings of Jesus in the bible. Doxa Theo is our attempt to offer truth of the gospel, and the incredible good news of love and grace through the sacrifice of Jesus. We believe this involves, not only ourselves, but creation around us. We are a part of a beautiful, orchestrated verse that echoes the Creator's love for us.

grace and peace,
-Doxa Theo

Today, we are still family.

The band this past weekend in Silicon Valley!

We love the @gospelpatrons! If you are around Silicon Valley, come out for a night of worship tonight. We will sing, lament, praise, and take communion under the stars.

Made it to Silicon Valley. We'll be rolling in a 15 passenger van this weekend.

Family - Single by Doxa Theo on Apple Music

Our new song "Family" is available on iTunes. Listen to songs from the album Family - Single, including "Family." Buy the album for $0.99. Songs start at $0.99. Free with Apple Music subscription.

We are excited to be a part of this. A beautiful book from our friend Jonathan Martin. Check out "How To Survive A Shipwreck." You can also get this amazing collaborative album here:

You can now get to the tracks to our songs on! We are honored for the shoutout, and we hope this can help your church community.

We have added the Original Master MultiTracks from Doxa Theo's most recent release, Future Glory.

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Future Glory - Doxa Theo
Beautifully Broken

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Nick Mayer
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Tim Roberts
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