Getting into vocal-mode for the new release. Its nearing completion music-wise and now its time for lyrics and vocal re-training.

I'm going to be planning an album release show in the near future. I can't give an exact date, just yet, either winter or the beginning of next year. But if anyone wants a headlining or an opening gig in Seattle and Portland, let me know. It'll save me some hassle trying to find willing people, and I'd let you know well in advance once a reasonable date comes a long.

New demo in the works. Working long hours on this on this one. I'm also writing for live performance, so there's still hope of a much craved return in the future. Stay evil.

New logo design, artwork by yours truly. Songs in the work with live shows to follow. Keep in check for the news to come. Very much looking forward to the unholy unleashing of the new and improved Benight! -AxHakker

Unholy Hymns of Suicide is in! Get a hold of me if you want yours. Either through youtube or skydrive for actual files. Reminder.. its FREE. Share the darkness and despair!

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