Kristin Chambers

Kristin Chambers is a versatile and completely original music creator from Seattle WA.

Kristin Chambers is a versatile and wholly original songwriter, singer and recording artist.
She creates a stylistic atmosphere that evokes the soulful melancholy of blues, the hopeful intellect of thoughtful pop, sinuous vocals with a hint of country accent and tunes that simmer with a modern woman’s full-spectrum emotional life. Delivered with a lot of heart.
On her releases, the polished productions have an artisan’s touch without being precious: exquisitely shaped and burnished but not processed. She’s on the side of the ballpark where actual hand-shaped music is made with instruments! It’s a deeply modern spin on tradition, unbound by convention; honoring the history of American music without imitating it.
A gifted songwriter, she’s on the lookout for the human condition, offering the most personal expressions of the most universal themes. She writes with acute intelligence, sometimes right to the heart and other times allusive. She explores different genres and the seams between them. Her songs are built to last.
As a premier live performer at Seattle’s most iconic venues, Kristin is able to show off her full vocal prowess. She is a warm, veteran entertainer who generates an enchanting small-club intimacy in venues of all sizes. A quick sample grab: The Triple Door Musiquarium, Vito’s, The Hard Rock Café, Seattle Acoustic Festival, Connor Byrne Pub, The Royal Room, KSER Sunlit Hour. Her performances, with various configurations of her top-shelf collaborators, are a blend of soulful, bluesy originals and fun takes on popular classics.
For an independent artist, perseverance matters. It’s what separates the musicians who reach their goals from the gifted amateurs. Kristin’s growing catalog is fairly extensive now; both “formal” releases and occasional lagniappes put out just to keep things lively.
Her award-winning 2015 album Snow Globe – a mix of five originals (the beautifully icy “Frozen Heart” and regretful “It’s Not Christmas [Without You Here]) and five holiday classics (George Michael's “Last Christmas and “The Christmas Song” [chestnuts roasting]) -- was described it as a 'mesmeric collection of Christmas songs . . . the perfect gift for the holiday season,” ”enchanting” and “exquisite.”
Prior releases are Everything Woman (2014), Endless Road (2012) and Kristin Chambers (2010).
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Singer Songwriter of Pop/folk Bluesy songs that make you think and touch the heart and definitely leave you humming.

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