Barghest is the aural manifestation of hatred and disdain.

Austin Terror Fest

Tickets for the first Austin Terror Fest are now available. The Lost Well, Worshiper Cabinets and the people that bring you Southwest Terror Fest are proud to present to you the very first Austin Terror Fest.

A limited run of "Born of Tooth and Talon" 7 inches are now available:

The record includes tracks "Born of Tooth and Talon" and "Sterile Initiates" taken from our split with TEETH which can be purchased here:

Baton Rouge Black Metallers Barghest are Ready to Strike | NOISEY

You can finally stream our split with TEETH in full over at Noisey. Preorder link in comments. Stream their side of a new grimCVLT split with the malignant Californians in TEETH.

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making this past tour our most rewarding yet and to CVLT Nation for helping spread the word. It was an honor sharing the stage with so many talented bands and playing so many incredible venues. We are humbled and appreciative to all who came to see us, put us up for the night or helped out in any way.

A Ferocious Attack! BARGHEST Live Footage + Tour Announcement If you have followed CVLT Nation over the years, than you already know that we are ULTRA HUGE fans of BARGHEST, which is why we are beyond stoked to announce that the next CVLT Nation x Grimoire Cassette Cvlture aka GrimCVLT release will feature both SoCal’s TEETH and Nola’s BARGHEST teaming up

Just days away...

CVLT Nation presents "Born of Tooth and Talon Summer 2016":

July 9th - Baton Rouge, LA @ Kerry Beary's Atomic Pop Shop

July 15th - Tulsa, OK @ Downtown Lounge Tulsa

July 16th - Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis

July 17th - Nampa, ID @ Anarchy bikes and boards

July 18th - Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge

July 19th - Portland, OR @ Panic Room

July 20th - Oakland, CA @ The Golden Bull

July 21st - Glendale, CA @ Complex

July 22nd - Santa FE, NM @ The Cave

July 23rd - Dallas, TX @ Renos Chop Shop

August 1st - New Orleans, LA @ Black Label Icehouse

September 2nd-3rd - Spartanburg, SC @ GroundZero (Communion of Darkness Fest)

September 16-17th - Austin, TX @ Barracuda Austin (@ Red River Family Records Fest)



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