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Velvet River (demo) _n o w | y o u | a r e | h e r e_

I believe Abe has created a new form/medium of spiritual music that has yet to exist--Very exciting.


WoodzSTHLM – “Woman” (Feat. Night Beds) WoodzSTHLM EXTREMELY HONORED TO HAVE GOTTEN IN THE ROOM WITH THIS DUDE. I'm not sure how to pronounce the name of Swedish producer WoodzSTHLM. That aside, his handle on electronic music's evocative power is clear as ever. "Woman," his latest collaboration with fellow romantic Winston Yellon of Night Beds, conveys a profound sense of loss. Instead of centralizing the tra…

S T R A N G E R S : I N : P A R A D I S E _n o w | y o u | a r e | h e r e_

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