Forget Milan. African Fashion Is Taking Over the World.

💯 If you love fashion, you need to know OXOSI, the luxury e-commerce site offering clothes by high-end designers from across Africa.

There’s a VERY Heartwarming Reason This Dad’s Shirtless Selfie With His Son Has Gone Viral

Has his back for life! It’s currently breaking Instagram, and not just because of dad’s rocking abs.


Cafeteria staff 'lunch shame' kids who can't afford lunch, so one dad pays off all their debt

👏👏 Making it through middle and high school can sometimes be a tough challenge. As we’re growing up, we all have lots of insecurities and have to learn who we are and how to deal with the world around us—and how we deal with the opinions of others. For anyone who’s ever been denied lunch because …

This ain’t about just music. I wanted to do Illmatic to leave my voice my opinions my philosophies in music form, in rap form, as something that was proof that I was here. #TimeIsIllmatic

Walmart Shopper Goes On Incredibly Racist Rant You Have To Hear To Believe

More BS! Verbal gems include ‘Go back to Mexico,’ and ‘We don’t want you here.’


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