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Playya 1000 and The Deeksta

Playya 1000 and The Deeksta are responsible for putting Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the hip-hop map, dropping heat for many moons.

As members of the local underground group DC Boys, They began recording tracks at a faster pace than the rest of the group, resulting in numerous songs that featured production of the Deeksta and Rhymes of Playya .

The first Playya 1000 and The Deeksta release, ‘Reality’, was a hit record in the streets despite little radio support. The street buzz from ‘Reality’ paved the way for nationwide distribution and their second release, ‘Blame it On Society?’, which sold roughly 20,000 copies and was featured in The Source Magazine. Fans outside of Oklahoma began to take notice of the California/Midwest hybrid sound that would make Playya 1000 and The Deeksta internationally known.

Riding the success of ‘Blame it on Society’, the Dynamic duo released ‘Mo Drama’ in 1994, considered by many fans to be an underground classic. The album featured the summer anthem ‘Sunday Afternoon’ and sold 30,000 units. ‘Sunday Afternoon’ has been a fixture on Tulsa radio stations since its release and still gets the party jumping to this day.

After working with other artists such as Deco D, Ghetto Kaos, Big Bur-na and 5-0 Hustlas, They released their fourth record, ‘Foe Da Mill Ticket’. While considered their best release up to that point, a series of events stunted the success of the CD. First this was about the time that Hip Hop became mainstream, which made it very difficult to break through as an underground artist, also Playya gaining custody of his four children, while the Deeksta was working hard building a career at UPS. The duo just got burned out and without making anything official, they just stopped doing music and thus the album never really receive the proper promotion and distribution it deserved.

With Playya's children getting older and Deeks getting settled into his career something very after interesting happened. Someone called and wanted to purchase copies of the "Foe-Da-Mill-Ticket" CD to make a long story short, turns out Playya 1000 and the Deeksta had become international underground stars. People from Japan, Germany, Cananda, Australia and more were paying over $500 per CD on Ebay for anything created or produced by the duo. The guy that made the original call "Trevor Naughton" showed them how to capitalize on their new found success and thus deserves a lot of the credit for kick starting the return to Hip Hop for Playya 1000 and the Deeksta.

So finally, after a nine year break from the game, Playya 1000 and the Deeksta returned with a new passion and purpose and released ‘20/20 Vision’, a combination of the classic Playya 1000 G Funk mixed with a new school Dirty South vibe.

“That album represented the natural process of life, the older you get, the clearer you see the game of life,” Playya says. “It was and is a very important rap CD because it is so street relevant , but it accomplishes this without all the drama or negativity. 20/20 Vision gives you the reality of the streets, because it gives you the real truth, that for every action there is a reaction, be it good or bad the choice is yours.

That brings us to present day the new release "Cover Me I'm Going In" picks up where 20/20 Vision left off, but is definitely more present day ready. 20/20 Vision was a spearheaded by a series of re-works of previous Playya 1000 and the Deeksta releases. "Cover me" is all new and its the first time that Playya just went in and got very hip hop lyrical. This CD is an instant classsic, the Deeksta provides the production and when you put the two together the CD is a magical experience. This CD features the heart felt powerful single "Mama" which has received critical acclaim and some are saying is worthy of a Grammy. The video for this song is just as incredible and has been compared to Tupac's 'Dear Mama". Cover Me will set the stage for the continual growth of Playya 1000 and the Deeksta's 20/20 Movement which inspires and empowers youth via in school motivational hip hop performances. Playya 1000 and the Deeksta are asking for support for the movement via CD purchases and donations which can be made at Somebody please COVER these boys because they are definitely GOING IN!!!!!


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