The Denied

Love children of the generic and the hopeless, We are Denied. We are no longer doing shows.

Denied Unreleased Album

Ok. We havent posted in a while. And this will probably be the last post we do. This is our unreleased album. We recorded this two years ago, a few months before we broke up. All our tracks are on here for free download.

We'd like to thank all of the people who came to our shows, Jeff Swiney, Kenny Padilla, Lenny Mental, our folks, and all the bands we played with.

The Denied. Listen to Denied Unreleased Album by The Denied #np on #SoundCloud

Support your scene! Go to this show!!

Even though Denied isnt playing this, Downstroke will be playing an old Denied song!! Your not gonna.wanna.miss this show!!

Go see the Cactus Rats on teusday!

Its been a long time since we've posted anything here. We have an unreleased album that needs mastering before its released. Does anyone know anyone who does a good mastering job for cheap? If so send us a message.
-The Denied!

P.S. If and when it gets mastered, there may be a record release show.

I am so ready for this day to be over. In the mean time, Denied's last show is on Friday. We open the show at 7pm, and it FREE!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU WILL EVER SEE DENIED!!!

Big shout out to Travis J. Fry for putting infest 2013 together!! It was a blast to play with some awesome bands. In other news, our last show will be on Friday July 19th at the District tavern with The Besmirchers and Hollywood Hate. We go on at 7 and its free. We'll see you all there.


Band Members

Yusi El Boujami-Bass and Vocals
Desii Denied-Guitar and Vocals
Estabon Garcia-Drums


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Record Label

Bloat Records
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