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Artist Bio StashCity Recordz is an up and coming local rap/ hiphop/r&b recording company, established in 2008 owned and operated by Raymond Reyes a.k.a OG MISTER BLUE. after many years of trying to make it in the music business through other record labels and other rap groups Blue decided to start StashCity Recordz and began signing artist to the abel. Such artist would include talented local rappers and r&b singers,Such as STASHCITY LADY the second in comand of StashCity Recordz, along with MUNECA,ACE,MAYA,GUERA,STRETCH DOGG,SHAWTY CUERVO and $TRICTLY CA$H CLICC.Working close with SYKK 1and collaberating with other local artist from different labels,such as DEUCE-L,NICO,L.G. THE would range from hardcore gangster rap to main stream music With such a large variety of music produced by StashCity Outlawz they have established a good audience response and following.StashCity Recordz and StashCity Outlawz are well on thier way to stardom

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Deuce-L, Nico - I Am My Brothers Keeper

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StashCity Records

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Adan Ace Bencomo
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