Depths of the Sunset

Depths of the Sunset is an extreme metal band fighting under the Danger Mafia Records banner. They blend all the elements to create profoundly new music.

Shoutout to Andrew Jenott of Visceral Embodiment for making this bad ass poster of PNW metal bands!!! We are thankful to be included!

Depths of the Sunset would like to thank all of you who came out the show on Friday!!! Thank you so much to Species Splicer and Groundfeeder for having us play with them! Also thank you to the Anchor for having us there, we really enjoyed playing that night. Thank you all for the support you have given us. We appreciate you being there for us. Keep your eyes out for something new....

Stay heavy,

Depths of the Sunset

Depths of the Sunset, Groundfeeder, and Species Splicer will be playing a FREE SHOW at the Anchor Pub in Everett on FRIDAY APRIL 14th! The show starts at 6pm and goes until 11pm. All ages are welcome. For those who are under 21, a 5$ door fee will apply. Otherwise, if you are 21 or older, this show is entirely FREE!!! Come out and have a crazy and heavy time with your local metalheads! Species Splicer will be filming a music video for their new song, so if you want to be on the SILVER SCREEN, come out and see this kick ass show!!! We gotta make a wall of death happen at some point for their video!!! IT IS ALSO OUR FRONT MAN, MICHAEL's, BIRTHDAY THIS DAY SO COME OUT AND MAKE HIS BIRTHDAY WISHES COME TRUE!!! We hope to see you there!!!

Friday April 14th
All ages
Bar with ID
Anchor Pub in Everett
Free to those 21 and over
$5 cover for under 21

ONLY A 3 DAYS AWAY!!! Who's comin out? It's a free show!!!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Charleston on March 23rd to come and see us, Species Splicer, Vesuvian, Antitheus, and Corrupted Captivity. It was an honor and a pleasure to perform for you all! Thanks again for being so supportive of your local metalheads. Depths of the Sunset and Species Splicer will be playing a show together on April 14th at the Anchor Pub in Everett. We are very excited to be playing at the Anchor again! More details soon to come.

Stay heavy, people.

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Videos (See all)

John Shredding his Drums
Draconic Sneak Peak
Happy Halloween 2016
Michael Piano Solo I
The Final Battle by Depths of the Sunset
Malevolent Psychosis (DEMO)
Bonus scenes to our first show....
Depths Of The Sunset (LIVE)


Band Members

Michael Vasil: Vocals, bass, keyboards.

Unity Carro: Guitar, vocals.

Harrison Schibret: Guitar, vocals.

John Huizenga: Drums.


Record Label

Danger Mafia Records, LLC
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