Slaughtered Remains

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Originally started in 2004 as a side project with original vocalist James Roberts and Adam "The Slaughterman" Garrow on guitars, bass and drum programing. After a few demos getting some online fallowing and with the loss of James on vocals Adam decided to keep pursuing Slaughtered Remains.

With the releases of his first E.P.'s "Human Sawed Sludge" and "The Attack Of Sick E. Von Brutal" in 2007 Adam and Slaughtered Remains began to put a buzz in the underdround death/gore metal scene. Then after came "Hog Bitch Massacre" in 2009 witch where songs previously released as "A Slaughterman Presents:" series that where put out from Slaughtered Remains.

In 2010 Adam caught the ear of Sevared Records and then was the 1st CD release that featured all 3 previous E.P's on CD and was delightfully called "Three For One, Slaughter For Fun" witch was officially distributed world wide through Sevared Records.

Grotesque acts of murder in true brutal death metal audio format.

Killer B Guitars

Custom Guitars from Memphis TN!!


Greetings Corey,
I would like to share with you, a story of a dear friend of mine. I am a deep person and would love to write you a great story about my amazing friend. I'll be honest with you, I am at a loss for words as I write this. I am doing my best to help make something HUGE happen in memory of this extremely talented man. When I share this with you, I understand that there is nothing that can be done about my friends current situation, but we will never give up hope for fellow musicians having to deal with this kind of devastation. Here is my story about my friend, and my brother Chris.
Christopher Dwight, is an eccentric, and powerful lead singer for an all original local band called Nine Mile Drive. In the music world, Christopher goes by JC Edwards. Corey, the energy and passion that comes from this band is out of this world. There are no words to describe the energy you feel when you watch these musicians perform on stage, it simply blows you away. Unfortunately, this energy has come to a complete halt. To give a little back story before getting into the current issue at hand, these guys have gone through more than normal people when it comes to loss in the music world. In 2013 their drummer Kyle Wells was walking home from a friend’s house and was hit by a drunk driver, who decided not to stop. Kyle died two days later in the hospital. One short year later they find their newly replaced drummer Axie Hodges, was taken from this world way to soon.
This band is about to face yet, another tragedy. My friend JC fell ill this year right around Thanksgiving, He was brought into two different hospitals due to memory issues, grogginess, and migraines. These hospitals brushed it off as weakness and sent him home. As issues continued, he was brought to yet another hospital where they did MRI’s, Ct scans, and even a spinal tap. We were advised that he had viral meningitis. He was released, only to be admitted again to another hospital and re-diagnosed with tuberculous meningitis. After all the misdiagnoses, they decided to air lift him to a hospital in Miami where they had a Neuro Center. In Miami, he was finally diagnosed with an unidentifiable, aggressive form of cancer which has attacked his brain and has now metastasized to his spinal cord. This demon known as cancer has now left his legs paralyzed, he experiences tremors throughout his whole body, he is delusional from time to time, and it is slowly starting to affect his eye sight.
This news has not only been devastating to his family, but also his band mates, band manager, and most of all the large community of fans that follow this band. JC has been moved to Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa, where on New Years Eve they learned that he has Glioblastoma Multiformin. This is one of the most aggressive types of brain cancer. Moffit Cancer Center have made the family aware that as of right now there is no treatment for this. This demon has taken the life out of the family, his friends, his fans, but most of all his band mates. JC has accepted the fact that he will die, and has been very humble through this whole experience. We have been advised that they will keep JC as comfortable as possible, as they are only giving him a life expectancy of one to three months.
After learning of this horrible news, the band, and myself, and now the whole music community have decided to turn this negative situation into something positive, as that is the type of guy JC is. Everyone in the music community has come together and came up with tons of ideas for a benefit. Our idea that led me up to writing this letter to you is, we wanted to find a bad ass singer as JC himself is, to perform a few of his songs off their newly released cd for this benefit. We wanted to find someone as passionate and who has a deep connection with music like JC. The band put me in charge of looking for a singer who loves their music as much as JC does his own music. I want someone who has that passion for music, who looks at their band and fans as their family. The first name that came to my mind was you “Corey Mother Fucking Taylor”. We don't want his music for our community to become depressing, we want it to be remembered, and never forgotten. Corey, I think you can make this happen, with just the power of your voice alone. These boys worked their asses off to get this cd recorded, they just released this cd on April, 16th. JC was that front man that made a difference in music, as you personally do with your own music. So I decided to go HUGE and give it a shot to try and contact you.
With this benefit, we intend to not only raise enough money to help his family pay for these overwhelming expenses, but we want to start an organization for JC called Spreading the Vibe. One night while JC, his other sister Laura and myself sat around having one of our long talks, we had discussed starting a foundation for myself (currently diagnosed with Anklyosis Spondylitits, after a 6 year battle of being misdiagnosed) and JC came up with the name Spreading the Vibe for me. This name is much more suited for him, as it fits his spirit. He was always happy, spreading love and smiles to everyone he came in contact with personally, and through his music. We want to use this organization to help spread awareness to people about the many occurrences of being misdiagnosis as this is the deal with JC, myself and many others. And we also want to help struggling artists who can't afford health insurance, get the proper care. We want to keep this man's spirit alive, he has had a large impact on the local music scene in our area. As I stated I know this can't change anything, but spreading awareness could give people more time to spend with their loved ones.
Corey, we ask for your help. We want to show him that no matter what happens, music will always keep everyone together. This is our end goal for JC, we want him to know that we will keep his music alive for him. We want him to remember before he forgets....Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you real soon.
Here is some contact information:
Jessi Brothers: or (239)209-2863
Chris Monaco (band manager): or (863)303-1710

#coreytaylorcanyouhelp #fuckcancer
Corey Taylor Slipknot Stone Sour @CoreyTaylorRock

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Adam Garrow: Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drum Programing | Josh Smith: Vocals.


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Twint Town Tyrant Records

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Adam Garrow
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