Slaughtered Remains

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Originally started in 2004 as a side project with original vocalist James Roberts and Adam "The Slaughterman" Garrow on guitars, bass and drum programing. After a few demos getting some online fallowing and with the loss of James on vocals Adam decided to keep pursuing Slaughtered Remains.

With the releases of his first E.P.'s "Human Sawed Sludge" and "The Attack Of Sick E. Von Brutal" in 2007 Adam and Slaughtered Remains began to put a buzz in the underdround death/gore metal scene. Then after came "Hog Bitch Massacre" in 2009 witch where songs previously released as "A Slaughterman Presents:" series that where put out from Slaughtered Remains.

In 2010 Adam caught the ear of Sevared Records and then was the 1st CD release that featured all 3 previous E.P's on CD and was delightfully called "Three For One, Slaughter For Fun" witch was officially distributed world wide through Sevared Records.

Grotesque acts of murder in true brutal death metal audio format.

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Band Members

Adam Garrow: Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drum Programing | Josh Smith: Vocals.


Current Location

Record Label

Twint Town Tyrant Records

General Manager

Adam Garrow
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