po┬Ětion [poh-shuhn] Show
a drink or draft, especially one having or reputed to have medicinal, poisonous, or magical powers: a love potion; a sleeping potion.

Originally a name for a demo on a four-track recorded in a basement in Collinsville, Illinois; Potions was formed as a solo project with Britt Lockhart on every instrument available to him at the time. This eventually led to the recruitment of percussionist Julius Walker on drums and vocals.. As well as Caleb Klingler on bass and vocals. This is a collaborative that is meant to be as ever changing and unpredictable as the name suggests.

The true number of members is unknown. Other contributors will be noted when the time comes.

Weeeeee'reeee Baaaaaack!! And with a vengence! We will be playing new songs and old at Schlafly Tap Room on Friday the 15th! Hope to see your purdy faces there!

DON"T WORRY! POTIONS STILL LOVES YOU!! We are alive and well and building a studio to bring you our wonderful tunes! Music soon! Love yous' guys!!
-Per Sherns

w.r.o.n.g. d.i.v.i.s.i.o.n.


This will be our last show for a long while as we will be recording our upcoming LP "Ghost Stories". It will be your last chance to catch us for at least a few months, so please try to make it out! Not only that, but The Bulletproof Tiger made a special stop in St. Louis to play this show and they are quickly becoming nationally renowned! Not to mention we're playing alongside our favorite locals and the best bands in the area, this show is going to be rediculous!!

wrongdivision.blogspot.com.au Tower Groove Records is a record collective based out of St. Louis that has been releasing and documenting selected bands from the area for the past few years. Their current ongoing project is a year long 7" series, wherein a split single is released every month, exclusively featuring St. Louis loca...

Playing with The Bulleyproof Tiger, Crucial, and Stonechat on Tuesday the 27th at Blank Space! Come and support your boys at the best show since Frances the Mute! BOOM!

Thanks to everyone who showed up last night! ANd our apologies for the (sound) guy who couldn't quite get it together!
We have some sweet shows lined up for august so stay tuned! Much Love Love Love Love Love!!


So.. like..
We're playing July 19th at The Demo (Atomic Cowboy) with these bad ass bands..

The Transantlantic

and this bad ass band..

The Parallels So... yeah...

Canadian electro-pop trio from Toronto : www.iloveparallels.com

Thanks so much for everyone who came out last night!! We had a blast!! You guys are the best people we ever freakin met! We should do it again sometime!!

BTW we have a show this Sunday at The Floating Labs again. It's FREE and it's a party/BBQ style event so bring yer meat and yer fireworks and yer burz, and yer ears!!

Hello all!! IF you aren't floating, working, or electric foresting tonight, come to CICERO'S on the loop and see your favorite band POTIONS!!
We're playing with an awesome band from Brooklyn called THE DIG, our pals PAYPHONES, and DROPKICK THE ROBOT!!
It's gonna be the best show we've ever played!!! EVERRR!!!
We go on at 8:30 so get there early! $10!


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