Empty booze bottles and lonely ladies line the path that Nekronotz have paved along the way. Hook ups, break ups and f*ck ups are no stranger to this gang of 3.

Empty booze bottles and lonely ladies line the path that Nekronotz have paved along the way. Hook ups, break ups and f*ck ups are no stranger to this gang of 3.

Since 2001, Nekronotz have been raising hell while rocking this nation as hard as possible. Fronted by the All-American "King of Zombie Rock", K.C. Foxx, Nekronotz are known for their high energy, off the wall and sometimes 'odd' shows (PBR Baptism? YES!).

With thousands of miles under their belt from sea to shining sea, there are many epic stories of dis-functionalism and fun to follow all of this while sharing the stage with some of the finest names around. Nekronotz shows were meant to be an outlet for the world and be about what America is supposed to be about- having fun! They wanted every person to come and be equal- a place away from all politics and life . . . a place where a person can come escape everything and rock for an hour and feel f*ckin' awesome!

Their first album was released in 2002 called 'Opener'. In 2006, 'Carnival of Crack' was released, which was a 4 song mini album, and in 2007 'A Day In Hell' came out, which featured 80% new material and a few songs revamped from the past was released. None of these albums are available nor can be found. However, rumors are something is currently in the works.

Nekronotz are known for having fun and making the audience have fun and get their moneys worth- enough of the paying $10 bucks to see another stereo typical band and have everyone stand there. Never giving up and rocking 110%, this would be the band who said 'F*ck it' to the norm and kicked life in the balls.

Meet the All-American Undisputed Bad Asses of Zombie Rock n Roll...

Nekro nation! Rumor is that the coffin has been shaking again...

Nekronotz | Seattle, WA

Rare recordings from 2005 posted on our reverbnation page! Nekronotz Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos by Nekronotz at ReverbNation

Thank you for all the recent "likes"! Stay tuned for new updates and NEW music!

Don't be mistaken by imitators! The ONE and ONLY Kings of Zombie Rock... others can just go eat crap...

RIP Corey Smoot. You will be missed. Glad to of met you and had a great chat back in the day...

It's a busy week in music for our very own Rockin' Yotes! He's rockin' at Ray's Golden Lion in the Tri Cities area of Wa. tomorrow night with Coffin Hunter and The Cheatin' Hearts! Saturday he's in Spokane, Wa. at The Hop and Sunday in Moses Lake, Wa. at Broadway Bar and Grill with the Koffin Kats! Monday night The Millionaires Club is doing a Halloween show at Lee's Tahitian! Get on our and have some fun with him, and while yer at it, buy him a drink or three.

KC FOXX FANS! FRIDAY NOV 4TH for JOE's UNDERGROUND! Come out and rock out with yer cock out with undisputed King of Zombie Rock! KC Foxx (solo acoustic set) puts the fun back in funeral and shows why he is an all-american bad ass. He will also be showcasing why he has earned the freakshow title of 'more animal than man' with acts of death defying do for YOU! Bernard's (under Hotel Seattle-Downtown) 315 Seneca St in Seattle, Wa!!!

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Working on the new full Album to be released in early 2012, hopefully on an amazing label! Nekronotz from Seattle, WA



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K.C. FOXX - Guitar/Vox
YOTES - Bass/Backing Vox
??? - Drums

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