Greenriver Thrillers

Our new record Distorted Diva is out now on vinyl and digital download.

Formed in 2002, Greenriver Thrillers are a three-piece noise rock band formed in Seattle, Washington. All three members (Gary Hughes, Alan Alfano and Phil Smith) were born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Each of them have an extensive background performing in several bands in the local scene over the years – which ultimately caused them to cross paths and form a cohesive unit of sound that they have perfected.
The musical style of the Thrillers blends many elements of rock ‘n roll ranging from classic punk, metal and even shades of experimental music. They have a wide range of musical influences including Unsane, Retox, Gaythiest and Unwound.
On their most recent release, “Retarder” they have followed up their self titled release with a heavier more straightforward sound that is impacting the local music scene. Jake Weller from SeattleRockGuy said recently online; “Before anybody else in the PNW was bringing back the crunchy, abrasive noise rock of yesteryear (think Touch&Go/AmRep), these guys were doing it. Over the last decade or so, I've often thought of them as the most underrated band in Seattle. Check out their new album and judge for yourself.”
When performing live they offer up a shockingly loud show that proves that they are in sync musically and have been playing together for a long time. Even in small spaces they manage to fill them with an enormous amount of energy while assaulting the audience with punk rock perfection.

Our new record Distorted Diva is out now on vinyl and digital download.

We always have a blast at Wallys House of Booze!

Rocking out with Casey from KLAW!

Wallys House of Booze tonight! With KLAW !

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