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A quirky cocktail of pop, jazz, funk and Latin originals. Add a hot band, a dash of lust and stir with a comedy shtick. Mmm, tasty! http://evamoon.net

Eva Moon | The Mutant Diaries: Unzipping My Genes | A solo show about telling cancer to take a hike


Hey Portland! I was just booked to come down and perform The Mutant Diaries: Unzipping My Genes" at the Milagro Theatre on April 3, 2016. More details soon! http://mutantdiaries.com

mutantdiaries.com Superpowers stem from incredible sacrifices in The Mutant Diaries: Unzipping My Genes, a feisty and frank solo musical from performer/composer Eva Moon. Upon learning she had the BRCA genetic mutation, which spikes the risk of breast cancer to 87% and ovarian cancer to 55%, Moon had to make a life-a…

Eva Moon

I've always been a story teller - whether it's through song lyrics, one-woman shows, plays, poetry, articles, musicals or, most recently, screenplays. Now, I am owning the words and making a commitment to pursue writing full time. I've created a NEW PAGE for the stories I'm telling - including invitations to join me in telling them. I will no longer be updating the Eva Moon & the Lunatics page. If you have enjoyed my musical stories, please like my new page:

A lifelong passion for telling stories through songs, plays, performance, and more has prepared Eva Moon for a career as a professional screenwriter.

A million thanks to Caroline Presho for doing such a brilliant job of organizing tonight's performance of The Mutant Diaries. It was a sell out!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to see the show. You made it an unforgettable evening.


I'm heading for London TODAY! In addition to The Mutant Diaries performance next Monday, I'll be chief musician wrangler at the 2015 London Jam, this Fri-Sun. We'll be streaming live music and video from the Jam all weekend. Stay tuned for links to watch it!

Band Interests

Eva's Second Life Song List:

Ankle Biter
Atlanta Nights
Bad, Bad Girl
Bailout Man
Boomerang Boy
BP Man
Brazilian Wax
Cash From Nigeria
Circle of Stuff
Clone Baby
Danger Bunny
Dark Matter
Dinosaur of Love
Don't Answer Yet
Elements of Kink
Fat Chance
Fly Away
Fuck Me Shoes
Goodbye, My Six-String Guitar
Hard For Me
Hot Water
How to Belly Dance (Shake Shake)
Is That All There Is? (Parody)
Kiss Your Cash Goodbye
Learner's Permit
Life Is Sweet
Light the Fucking Candles
Man-Size Appetite
Mista Barista
Moon Falling Down
Moon for Mischief
Occupy This
Personal Ads
Om My God
One Little Dance
Prematurely Young
Run Away With Me
Snap On Girl
Start Wearing Purple (parody)
Swimming Upstream
Tango de Cacao
Tech Support Murder Ballad
Too Damn Happy to Sing the Blues
Two Hundred Grapes
Where Are You Now, My Dancing Girl
Workout Smackdown
YouTube Kitten

Djelem, Djelem (Roma/Gypsy)
Djurdjevdan (Bosnia)
Dorogoj Dlinnoju (Those Were the Days - Russian)
Liljano Mome (Bulgaria)
Mi Leksi Parapano (Greece)
Moscow Nights (Russian)
Tum Balalaika (Yiddish)

And She Was (Talking Heads)
In These Shoes (Kirsti MacColl)
Treachery (Kirsti MacColl)
Penis Envy (Uncle Bonsai)


Band Members

Eva Moon: Vocals, Keys • Ferko Saxmanov: Sax, Flute • George Michael (Lyndon Heart): Guitar • Mike Gordon: Bass • Zuki Niemann: Drums


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