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Official Nic de Bruyn Music Page. Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter From Cape Town ,South Africa, based in Seattle WA.USA

Nic de Bruyn was born in Cape Town ,South Africa to a family full of musicians. His father used to play jazz and classical violin at University and his mother a classical pianist music teacher.(Royal School of Music graduate)
Influenced by rock, blues, jazz, funk ,folk and classical music which he has incorporated into his original material including his instrumentals.
Starting out as a solo performer, he also performed in duo's as well as various bands, and was with Cape Town Rock group “Full Tilt”. *(Named for the volume and way they played) From 1989 to 1993 as lead vocalist and lead guitarist. He has performed in South Africa extensively ( 3500 + live performances, between 1980 - 1993)
He has played some of Cape Town's most popular venues: the Brass Bell and at the V and A Waterfront to name a few, and has performed at the Cape Town Festival, Hermanus Sea and Harbor Festivals and the Grahmstown National Arts Festival and Up the Creek Festival
He has performed in London and in more recent years as a solo artist in the US

Songwriter/ guitarist/ singer
Songs "Where my spirit roams free" and Clip "Cape Town" as well as " As Time passes by" produced by my good friend Darryl E Van Horne

Cape Town South Africa!
A huge influence in my life and music and still today home of many awesome musicians!

FULL TILT | Rock from Cape Town, WC, ZA

Been a quiet year musically speaking! Hoping to do much more next year.
Was pleasantly surprised to receive a email from Reverbnation informing me that my old band "full tilt" is ranking at #6 on the Rock charts in the Cape!!!
All the very best for 2017 Rock | Cape Town, WC, ZA

Changing strings :)

As Time Passes By

A track from a while back, re mixed on the east coast with my friend Darryl Horne producing- the link says " take me" but the track is called as time passes by :) Written in Paarl western Cape in the early 80's, I recorded it to 4 track and then again in the studio in South Carolina with Genius muso/engineer /producer Darryl E Van Horne in 1997

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An oldie from around late 80's

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