Joe Dirt And The Dirty Boys Band

The Best Rock n' Roll Band you will ever see in your entire life. (read "period" when you get to the period)

70's and 80's Classic Rock with a few songs from the 60's thrown in. You gotta have roots.

I hear a lot of people arguing about what is going on in Washington... practically fighting about it ..... It's disheartening and frankly, It's not worth it ... It's pretty simple: Joe Dirt and The Dirty Boys Band are playing at Driftwood this Saturday night (Feb 11th) in Washington (MO) ... that's what's going in Washington - Jethro

A note from Jethro: I don't usually speak about these things, but ......

Tonight something great is going to happen. After 4 long years, power will be restored to the proper authorities and the citizens of of this great nation will once again be able to come together behind a singular force .... a truly unifying leader. ...

....that's right JOE DIRT AND THE DIRTY BOYS BAND ARE BACK AT RIVER CITY CASINO! What did you think I was talking about?

TONIGHT 8-12 Judy's Velvet Lounge
Come out and celebrate this monumental event ... I'm pretty sure there's nothing good on TV tonight anyway.

Yo Dirt lovers! We will not be playing at Brewskeez tonight - see ya'll next week. Stay warm. Be safe. Conserve your energy for next week... I've already got cabin fever - Jethro

Happy Birthday to our brother, Mr. JOE E. DIRT!

The Dirty Boys Band rocks the Bottleneck Blues Bar tonight - Kick off 2017 in style!

It's 9:30 in the morning ...... LGB! Rock n Roll after the game

It's 2017 - we're back - the Blues are playing in Busch Stadium - the Dirty Boys are playing across the street at Ballpark Village with the St Louis All Stars (you can't google that) - have tix? Come over after the game - don't have tix? Come watch the game.... LGB!


Band Members

Joe F. Dirt, J.D. Dirt, Johnny Dirt, Jethro Dirt


Current Location

Record Label

Hard Knox

General Manager

American Bands 314-724-5152


Booking Agent

David G. Kalz
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