Joe Dirt And The Dirty Boys Band

The Best Rock n' Roll Band you will ever see in your entire life. (read "period" when you get to the period)

70's and 80's Classic Rock with a few songs from the 60's thrown in. You gotta have roots.

Yo Blues Fans! We are rocking in the plaza before the game 5/5. LGB!

Trainwreck Westport tonight!

Rocking Judy's Velvet Lounge in River City Casino tonight! Start at 8:00

LGB! Dirty Boys will be outside Scottrade Wednesday 4:30pm!


Driftwood in Washington MO Saturday night!

Knowing when to hold them AND when to fold them is important.... you also need to know when to walk away and when to GO TO THE BOTTLENECK BLUES BAR AT THE AMERISTAR CASINO --- That is TONIGHT! Joe Dirt and The Dirty Boys Band will be rocking ... you will be winning. Sure bet. - Jethro


Band Members

Joe F. Dirt, J.D. Dirt, Johnny Dirt, Jethro Dirt


Current Location

Record Label

Hard Knox

General Manager

American Bands 314-724-5152


Booking Agent

David G. Kalz
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