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Forced Asphyxiation was created in the winter of 2007 by Alex(percussion) and Brian(guitar) who sought to birth a new project formed around the foundation of heavy riffing and solid arrangement. Writing songs with sheer determination and a philosophy of playing shows with no other objective than to spread the sweet stench of Cannabonolic matter.

Just before recording their first demo in the summer of 2011, after years of time spent as an active two piece band, they completed the line up with Ryan on Bass (Soul Remnants, Valasyrka, Systematic Suicide). He quickly proved that he had what it takes to wield a bong with the likes of these misanthropic pot heads and the three soon began forming a thick wall of smoke to occlude the lungs of the non-believers.

In the fall of 2011 and with the help of Cape Cod thrashers Led to the Grave, both bands embarked on a 2 week long tour down the East Coast shredding local bars and making a name.
Coming back from their first tour, feeling matured and ready to begin a new chapter, it was decided something was still missing from the band. In the beginning of 2012 after some time spent in search of an additional guitar player with lungs resinated enough to match the half-life of these degenerates, Tom of Soul Remnants/Armory was added to complete this coagulation of insanity.

After finalizing their line up into a full four piece, Forced Asphyxiation embarked on their second east coast tour known as the "North East Smoke Feast," forcing their ideals on those unwilling to inhale their message of brutality. Tom's reign in the band developed a more powerfully aggressive sound that gave drive to immediately begin recording a sleuth of savagery.

Since recording the album Tom parted ways with the band and since losing such a vital appendage to their sound they soon found Sam from “Facefull of Shotgun” and his solo work “Ages In Oblivion”. Taking the crops to yield, we flew to Colombia in South America to play the annual Bogota Grind & Death Festival!

As we Embark into the year of 20-16 we are will be dropping the album Terrifying Hydroponic Carnage followed by a full week of Touring beginning with Las Vegas Death Fest into California and back through towards The Denver “Foot Hills to Gutfest” with our friends in Stages Of Decomposition(ca), Exhumer(Italy), and Goretrade(Colombia)! We are currently writing new material and plan to record our second album by the end of the year

Prepare for "THC"

Hailing from Boston, MA, Forced Asphyxiation is bringing back old school death metal with new school grind edge. With lyrical themes personifying their imagination from horror inducing pot plants and deep seeded trauma, the four-piece has made a name for themselves with both their brutal music and innovative horror ganja-themed merchandise.

The band has a new full-length titled ‘Terrifying Hydroponic Carnage’ available! Which features 9 new tracks and is the band’s first full-length and comes on the heels of two successful demos from 2011.

Formed in 2007, the gruesome foursome has become tour veterans throughout the East Coast and Midwest. Forced Asphyxiation have come up in the Boston metal scene along with bands such as Abnormality, Dysentery, and Sexcrement and playing numerous music festivals together including: New Jersey Death Fest 4, New York Death Fest 1, Brutality Reigns Death Fest 2 & 3, Delaware Death Fest 1, and Long Island Crust Fest 2.

In the past three years Forced Asphyxiation has had the opportunity to share the stage with such acts as Aborted, Cephalic Carnage, Cannabis Corpse, Ghoul, Phobia, Gorgasm, Internal Bleeding, Dehumanized, Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Deceased, Putrid Pile, Mortal Decay, Visceral Disgorge, Shawn Whitaker of Viral Load/Insidious Descrepancy, & Criminal Element with showing no signs of slowing down.

All your suspicions and thoughts are true, Forced Asphyxiation is now done and over with. We have all collectively "stubbed out the doobie"

Alex, Ryan and Myself would like to thank everybody we have come into contact with over the years.. making friends and connections with tons of individuals gaining tons of sick life experiences that we have learned on the road and being a bunch of maniacs with one another!

Cheers !

When your homies have mad dope respect!

Take advantage of our album on Spotify..

We have been silent for some time now, the future holds some great news

God Jul! We are now streaming on Spotify!


We currently have quite a bit of new material with plans to re appear in late Spring.
Please contact us if you would like to join a band with a bunch of kick ass dudes that like to have fun and travel to places we have never been before to play music we love. No you do not need to be a pothead!!!!Though that would be fantastic!

We are hoping for someone who wants to add input and a little flavor to the band!

Thanks!! Cheers to all and the NEW YEAR!

Forced Asphyxiation - Body Integrity Identity Disorder

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Forced Asphyxiation - Vlad the Inhaler

Posted a new song: "Forced Asphyxiation - Vlad the Inhaler" Forced Asphyxiation - Vlad the Inhaler by Forced Asphyxiation, Metal music from Boston, MA on ReverbNation

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