Adam Young

This is a fan page for Adam Young who is in the band Owl City. This is NOT Adam nor do we have any affiliation with Adam! It is just a fan page created for fans! be sure to follow this page's twitter! (:

*heavy breathing*

In the Yacht - Port Blue

Very few artists can speak to you without words, but Adam is definitely one of them. - Erik In the Yacht by Port Blue from the album b-sides. All rights go to Adam =D

genuine lolz were had. I thought I would share this with you all in hopes that you laughed as much as I did. - Austyn

Thoughts on the new EP? - Austyn


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Band Members

Owl City- Adam Young

the band he tours with:
Breanne Duren (background vocals/keyboards)
Casey Brown (drums)
Laura Musten (violin)
Hannah Schroeder (cello)


Record Label

Universal Republic

General Manager

Steve Brusky

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