Ester Drang

Ester Drang is an experimental, post rock musical group from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The band was formed in 1995, with guitarist Bryce Chambers recruiting drummer James McAlister and bass player Kyle Winner.The line-up of the band during its early days also included drummer Sterling Williams, sitar player Brian Brewer and songwriter David Motter. Williams, Brewer, and Motter departed shortly after the band released its first full-length LP, entitled Goldenwest. Afterwards, Jeff Shoop joined the band, which moved to Jade Tree Records.Notable outfits the band has toured with include The American Analog Set, Starflyer 59, The Get Up Kids, Styrofoam, Unwed Sailor, David Bazan of Pedro the Lion, and Echo & the Bunnymen.Drummer McAlister contributed to Sufjan Stevens' album Illinois.DiscographyThat Is When He Turns Us Golden (1999)Goldenwest (Burnt Toast Vinyl, 2001)Infinite Keys (Jade Tree, 2003)Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes (Burnt Toast Vinyl, 2004)Rocinate (Jade Tree, 2006)

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