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Samuel is a worship musician on the violin (5-string electric, acoustic) and guitar (electric and acoustic). He is also a singer/songwriter, writer, speaker, photographer, and traveler. He is currently based in Lynnwood, WA, USA.

Samuel has played in various nations around the globe (including China, Guatemala, and Iceland), in all types of venues (from mountain villages in the Philippines to Candlestick Park in San Francisco). Samuel releases the music of heaven everywhere he goes. His songs shift the spiritual atmosphere of regions, heal the hearts of the wounded, transform the lives of the broken, and usher in the presence of God!

Samuel’s musical style is spontaneous yet restful, adventurous yet intimate. People who “soak” to this music are drawn into a deeper love relationship with God, and many even play Samuel’s music 24/7 in their homes to cultivate a continual atmosphere of peace and joy.

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Samuel's devotional website coming home to intimacy with Father God

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Hi, welcome to the Music Fountain facebook page! Here you can listen to full-length tracks from Samuel's music albums, check out cool photos, and learn more about Samuel's music. To purchase Samuel's CDs or MP3s just go to Blessings!

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soaking in the Father's love, enjoying God, witnessing on the streets, prayer, healing the sick, releasing the kingdom of God, table tennis, basketball, skiing, photography, blogging, writing

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