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Motivational, Inspirational, Soulful & Harmonious. Making music that is "Good food... for the soul" www.youtube.com/lenasalive

A Successful Artist, Business Woman, Wife, and Mother, LeNaSa is a person who has truly been “Tried through the refiners fire, and emerged as pure gold”, she is followed by thousands through social media, and an inspiration to even more that have been touched by her music. She continues to be inspired by life with her husband, three children, granddaughter and a passion to change lives through song, and steadfastly writes and produces music that is “Good food…for the soul”.

Happy Valentine's Day from me and my Valentine.

Get Ready.....

When nobody believes in you or when nobody wants to help you get to where you're trying to go... Don't worry about it... Create your own path... And leave a trail for others to follow... #NewVideoComingSoon #FinallyRecordingNewCd #March2017 #2017WillBringVeryGoodThings

When you're listening to your favorite online radio station check out "LeNaSa Radio" and get nothing but music that is "Good food... for the Soul"

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Waiting for a change to come
Happy Thanksgiving Day
My life is in your hands - Kirk Franklin (cover) by Lenasa Live
Happy Anniversary To You
On My Knees
Walking In These Shoes

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