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Elite Producer, Stellar Artist, and Top Designer. Trilla is Trilla.

Trilla & HYP are two unique artists with a signature sound. Their blended sounds create a whole new sound for the industry. In 2013 Trilla & HYP decided that they were ready to take their careers to the next level. Before they formed this group, Trilla was leading Rated 3G Records and started working with "HYP the Great" as a regular artist. After working together they discovered that combining both of their styles and music could potentially take them somewhere. That's when their first hit "Lift off" was created, resulting in the two putting to rest all other projects with other groups and creating "TrillaHYP". Trilla handles all major production, sound, graphics and videos. While HYP handles all the business meetings, style, and songs.

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Ronaldinho Chapeconse

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#Ronaldinho back from reitirement to play for Chapeconse —

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#Ronaldinho back from reitirement to play for Chapeconse —

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Trilla HYP - Bedroom Abuse
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Trilla HYP - Ride (Music Video)
Trilla HYP - Drop (Music Video)
Trilla HYP - Lift Off (Music Video)
Trilla HYP - Galaxy (Music Video)

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