In 1999 I came to know who Jesus was and my purpose why I been place on the earth. Took a problem child from the streets of the hard nocks and gave me a psalmist ministry. Lost in a world with so much to offer at the age of 17, drugs, sex, gangs, all kind of things I had to face before I allow God in my life. This ministry was design to reach the young, old, black , white, no matter what background or race you happen to come from. My mission that God gave me is to go take back and take our young people back through the ministry of Gospel Rap. Many of our young people are following the demonic influence of the secular and falling pray to its message. My job is to take the Gospel that they don’t want to hear when we take them to church. Using similar beats that they grove to , but with my own twist, take the word of God and rhyme with it on the beat.

I as Gospel artist pay very close attention to the message I give using God’s words. When you or your child listen to this great message , it will be clear and understandable. I take time to make sure my message be delivered with a concrete and sound flow. I know some of you may be against Gospel rap and don’t care for it, but if you want your youth to get the message that you being praying and teaching them at home to get,, PLEASE SUPPORT MY MINISTRY AND OTHER GOSPEL RAP MINISTRIES. Trust us with your kids, we will make sure they get what you been praying for.

Also, I’m not just call to rap the Gospel, but I sing, preach, teach and walking in a office of an prophet. My passion is to #1 see people save and walk in their destiny, being transform by the word of God flowing from this ministry . I flow strongly in the prophetic that’s my strong gift that God had gave me to be a voice to nations. I HOPE THAT MY MINISTRY AS YOU STAND WITH ME BE A BLESSING TO YOUR FAMILY. LET ME MINISTER TO YOU ACCORDING TO THE LEADING OF GOD AND WILL.

I'm back

Stay tuned for brand new music, videos and more 2017 will be my year. I been sitting down for a year now, allowing God to work on me. I tell ya I'm not the same King David you know. What ever you had known about me kill it, because Imma brand new man with a whole nother outlook.

I'm back but this time its not about a spot light. My motives are right toward my mission for Jesus. Photography have stolen my heart, yet my heart still beats for my music. Who ready for some new music??? Been a year or two since you heard.

Hey guys I know it been a minute, Im working on new music that will drop soon. God had to sit me down for a while to get me together. Sometimes as Gospel artists we have to volunteer to take a seat and let God deal. Im coming back but this time its not about chasing after a spot light.

Come join me tonight for a awesome time in God. My first ministry function in a long time. Come experience the new and fresh me.

If I throw a concert who would come???


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