Sent the record to @kexp on Friday expecting to hear back in a week or two--John and Sharlese already started playing it! Thank you SO MUCH for supporting local music (especially, you know, mine.) ❤❤

Young in the City put on one of the funnest rock shows I've ever seen last weekend and they are joining us at Chop Suey on 2/24! Head to and get a dang ticket!

Some issues are black and white. Donald Trump doesn't believe that women or people of color are fully human and his words and actions reflect this. He embodies the basest impulses of humankind and is emboldening others to act on those impulses. He must be stopped.

I also believe that when offered a clear set of options human beings usually choose to be compassionate towards each other. I will be working as hard as I can to make those choices, between violent selfishness and compassion, clear to people in my life. I hope that the facts surrounding those decisions are stronger than the rhetorical misdirection (and also just straight up lying) that have been the signature of Donald Trump's campaign and nascent presidency.

We will get through this by asking for help and holding our leaders, our communities, and ourselves accountable. Help me know how I can do better. I promise to reflect with you and then try harder.

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