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Originally from San Diego, CA, Jed came to understand the house/techno scene as defined through the sounds of DJ Dan and Donald Glaude in the late 90s. Jed has always been a musician and producer. Djing was an artistic avenue that allowed him to combine those two musical facets. In the early 2000's, after moving to Seattle, WA, Jed began exploring music and performance through this medium.

Over the years Jed's sound has progressed, melded and recycled itself. He spent the year of 2001-2002 studying abroad and spinning the local club scene in Manchester, UK. Then he returned to Seattle and teamed up with djs Cojo and The Rukkus to form a 2x4 tag team trio known as The Technicians. The Technicians rocked crowds all over Seattle from 2002 - 2004. JedX and Cojo formed the production team Da Crackaz and began pushing themselves to produce house and electro as well as experimental, downtempo and hip hop. In 2003 Da Crackaz began throwing a series of club nights together with Seattle dj Ben Shelton under the production name Subsidize Music.

By 2005, Jed started bringing organic flavoring to his dj performances by adding live guitar. Then, in 2008, he was joined by Akheenu Musa on percussion. This pushed the envelope even further in bridging the gap between the digital and organic realms of electronic music. It also added a rich live quality to the show making it more accessible and interactive. You can catch them together on the mix "Afterthought" (2009).

Jed's performances continue to inspire as he pumps out funky, techy, progressive house while scratching, mcing and playing guitar. His performances deliver nonstop energy and emotion, keeping crowds engaged and forever in motion.


Shout out to my boy Sean Biddle!! Check out his latest mix for the Kromecast! Thanks for including my track You Can't Hide out now on Bid Muzik - you can pick up the track over at Traxsource KROMECAST - 027 - SEAN BIDDLE Sean Biddle (US) : Sean Biddle's musical career began back in 1992 when he joined a synth pop band in his hometown, Champaign, IL. On re

Krome Early March Chart (2017)

Thank you Krome Boulevard Music for including my track You Can't Hide on their latest chart!! Go grab the EP - Hidden Dancer - on Bid Muzik over at Traxsource today! Available for download on Traxsource. Featuring Tracks from Juwan Rates, NU TRAXX Records, Milty Evans, Simma Black and more...

JedX - Hidden Dancer

You Can't Hide off my latest EP on Bid Muzik just entered the Top 100 House chart over at Traxsource! Go pick up the EP today! Available for download on Traxsource. Distributed by Strikeforce 360 Media

The album is almost here!!!! 15 Years Of InStereo - Dropping on Beatport March 17th! InStereo Recordings fam represent!

Shake It Momma (JedX Remix) - Fleetwood Smack

My remix of Fleetwood Smack's Shake It Momma on InStereo Recordings just broke the top 50 in House over at Traxsource! Help us climb the charts and grab your copy today! Check it out on Traxsource.

JedX's Bday Chart

Check out my latest Traxsource chart! Bid Muzik Guesthouse Music Fogbank George Cynnamon Peter Brown Ammo Recordings Felipe Avelar DJ Funsko Johnny Gee Fleetwood Smack Cruise Music Mood Funk Records InStereo Recordings Angel Heredia Pornostar Records 4peace Juiced Music Mario Djust DJ Mes Kenny Bizzarro Seventy Four Monoside Records Block & Crown Makito Pocket Jacks Trax Available for download on Traxsource. Featuring Tracks from JedX, Guesthouse, George Cynnamon, Ammo Recordings and more...

Come Back Jack Dozen

Shout out to Filta Freqz for including my track Keep On Dancing on their latest Traxsource chart! Go grab the full release on Bid Muzik! Available for download on Traxsource. Featuring Tracks from Kenny Bizzarro, Ginkgo music, Petrus, Seventy Four and more...

JedX - Hidden Dancer

Big News!!! My debut release on Bid Muzik - Hidden Dancer - hit Traxsource today! Very excited to be working with this label, as I've been a fan for some time. Go pick up your copy today! Available for download on Traxsource. Distributed by Strikeforce 360 Media

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