You know us as Nick & Amy Noonan (KARMIN). We are proud to introduce QVEEN HERBY, a solo R&B project with hip hop attitude.

You know us as Karmin. In real life we are small town kids that fell in love at music school and blew up on the internet. We have two poodles. We have incredible fans. Since I was 8 I wanted to be an R&B singer and it took decades to get here. I'm grateful to Nick for his coaching and masterful production. We love you all, please enjoy! -Amy

This is a solid lol

in my element

Still laughing about this.

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Qveen Herby EP 1
Ever wondered what your friend Tom from MySpace is up to now?


Band Interests

Cosmetics, clothing design, dogs, technology, wellness

Record Label

Checkbook Records

Booking Agent

Brian Edelman [US] BEdelman@wmeentertainment.com
Billy Wood [INTL] BWood@wmeentertainment.com
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