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Focused #Vrooom

As the Rap Game continues its evolution in the midst of what seems to be, annual, pre-mature obituaries and shifting musical platforms and despite Hip Hop's constantly changing centers of power and all that that entails: from the East Coast to the West Coast, to the Mid-West as well as the recent ascendancy of the South … 22 year old South Florida native Young A.C. makes his debut … focused with his intent, experience and delivery, fierce and multi-faceted with his content, loyal to his 'hood and dedicated to establishing himself as an artist who raps, as opposed to just another rapper with a single point of view. Young A.C. has arrived and he has something to say, not because of the influence of his environment, but in spite of it and because his talent and timing is the perfect blend of desire, pen, paper and opportunity.Young A.C. is taking his place with this next generation of young superstars from his home base deep in the so called “Dirty South” with Platinum plated artists such as; Young Buc, T.I,, Young Joc, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and others, many of whom Young A.C. has opened for in concert prior to his new, Young A.C. was raised by the streets of Broward County and his grandmother. When A.C.'s grandmother passed, Teddy T became A.C.'s role model, friend, music mentor. In 2007 A.C. signed a deal with the young and aggressive record label, Deepside Entertainment, whose charismatic CEO, Silk was immediately impressed with A.C. Now, at 22 years-old, Young A.C. is smack dab in the center of music industry cross wires spending weeks on end traveling across the South from music conference to record pool to show dates as Deepside Entertainment's fledgling artist. "I signed my first contract when I was eleven. Now that I am turning 22, it is finally that time. I feel like I am ready," Young A.C. says.

Be Who You Are (prod. Jay R)

Make sure you add this to your playlist: This song is about empowering people

Young AC is all bout being who you are. – Nosey Girl With this current surge in following of celebrities by doing in any and everything you may feel will have you being liked more. Like the ridiculous Kylie Jenner Challenge, or the never ending ass shot, and waist trainer instagram pictures. It seems that its getting more and more acceptable not being…

Asante Samuel & Young AC's "Be Who You Are" Anti-Bullying Campaign: "There's Always Room For...

New Blog "I make music to inspire you" Bullying in society has become an epidemic. Last year alone, more than 50 percent of teens reported they have been bullied or witnessed someone being bullied in their lifetime. Realizing the importance of bringing more awareness to this vastly growing problem, the NFL’s own Asante Samuel, along with…

Free Yourself! #BWYA

Be Who You Are - Single by Young AC Preview and download Be Who You Are - Single on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.

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