Farewell, My Love

The New Album 'Above It All' from Farewell, My Love out now!

Laced up tight with a static passion, and bursting at the seams with eagerness and determination. Music is defined as the instrumental & vocal sounds combined in such a way that they produce the form, beauty, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Farewell, My Love is a group of four brothers with backgrounds that bend from all eras and areas of the music realm, whom have come together to redefine and re-ignite what the definition of this great wave is.

With roots connecting them from Arizona, California, and Virginia, each member has been able to bring a distinct influence and vision for how music has shaped them as individuals. For Chad Kowal, Röbby Creasey, Charlee Conley, & London Mckuffey, music has been their greatest escape and most monumental illumination.

With this motive in mind, they've all come together with the intention to create a sound that will affect others the way that their greatest inspirations & mentors have affected them throughout their lives. Nostalgic & timeless, like nothing else matters when you hear your favorite songs.

This band comes with the intentions of connecting to each & every spirit that strives to feel hope & happiness. Farewell, My Love is proud to finally unveil their best kept devotions, and overjoyed to feel the reception of all they have poured their passions into.

Welcome to the beginning, we hope you all enjoy the show.

‪Praying hard for the victims of the London terrorist attack. One of our favorite places in the world. Our hearts are with you. ‬

‪Today we honor and remember those who have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all! 🇺🇸❤️‬

Manchester, you are in our thoughts & prayers right now. Such unbelievably terrible news. #PrayForManchester

Released our music video for Crazy one year ago today. Pretty crazy, huh? 😜

Rest In Peace Chris Cornell. Such a true legend who has blessed the world with so many amazing songs. Gone too soon.

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Band Members

Chad Kowal
Röbby Creasey
Charlee Conley
London Mckuffey


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CRCL Records

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