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A little glimpse into what our nights look like every Monday and Wednesday. We've got some exciting stuff coming up for you all pretty soon. Been working hard on three new originals and four new covers. Can't wait to share them with you all. The previous post was just a Taste. ;-) it's gonna be bitchin when it's complete!

Another month in the bag... festivals, festivals, festivals... working late to make the dream come true.

set list, check... Tacoma here we come. It's time to rock this Super Bowl party.

Wanted to say thank you again to NW Peaks for opening up their new place to us! Can't wait to play there again!

Hey guys! Check out these awesome ladies! They can really tear it up, go check em out!!

We had a great time at NW Peaks Brewery on Saturday! Thanks to the new ownership for having us and thanks to Dawnzella Gearhart for taking pictures! We hope to be back soon.

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Band Members

Daniel Neumeyer
Dustin Sandlin
Gary Stensland
Lea Weber
Ferdinand White


Record Label

Neumeyer Records
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Kenny G
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