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We are having some serious separation anxiety from the live scene, but on the bright side, good progress is being made on new music, covers and originals alike. This is a very exciting time for us creatively. With our first album almost on the doorstep, we are moving full force into developing our follow up. We have grown into quite the powerhouse of ideas over the past 2.5 years and it doesn't look to slow down any time soon. Here's to the future everyone. Keep on rockin the good stuff.

Chelsea tuning in on Daniels mastering. She approves. Things are coming along nicely. Can't wait to finally share the album with you all.

Jk about that last post folks.... :P
Here is the actual first rendering of our album art. It is still incomplete but is coming along nicely. Original art by Erick Pollard. Thanks again brother and sorry about the mix up.

First sneak peek at the album cover. (Work in progress). Its looking so good!!! Original painting by Erick Pollard. Thanks again brother; you rock!

Well our trip to the mountains officially ended yesterday. What a weekend!!! And we are even closer than ever because of it. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well. See you soon....

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Ibo solo!

Band Members

Daniel Neumeyer
Dustin Sandlin
Gary Stensland
Lea Weber
Ferdinand White


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Neumeyer Records
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